Cadillac Cater

I have a 98 cadillac catera and currently have a misfire in cylinder 1 i already put tune up in it i put a new coil pack also and recently got a valve cover put on it because i had oil leaking into the spark plug

Did you replace the spark plug wire and spark plug?
The ignition coil pack has three coils. Each coil fires two spark plugs. Usually, if one spark plug is fired by a coil, the other spark plug will, also, be fired [I have seen one bad side and one good side; but, that’s unusual].

The #1 cylinder may not be firing because the #1 cylinder isn’t holding compression; or, it could be a defective #1 fuel injector / circuit. You could swap the fuel injector with another position. If the problem moves position…

yea i replaced both the spark plug wires and the spark plugs

not sure if you fixed this car yet but i had a car with a misfire on it what fixed mine was i took the sparkplug out and sprayed some carb cleaner in the hole where the plug goes i used the red straw that came with it it worked

preciate it i had to get a new coil pack then when i got the car back i had like crazy amount of oil burning on the driver side and took it to the guy and he fixed it the same day but thanxs 4 the help