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Caddy stuck

My 92 Cadillac sedan deville sat for a month due to a hole in the gas tank ( which is fixed by the way!) and when I went to start it, it was dead. I charged it for ever and got it to turn over, but It wont stay running.I’ve checked the battery and the starter wires are tight. Was going to just take the battery, alternator and starter to be tested. Any ideas of what else it could be? The CHARGE light stays on as well.

Car batteries don’t like to be deeply discharged. My guess is that this episode pushed your battery over the edge.

Most likely you’ll get an answer from the battery and charging system test.

Will it start and run?? Before you tear the car apart, just have the battery tested…With the charge light on, next on the list would be the alternator…

Won’t stay running. Starts then dies