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Cabin Air Duct Odor Repair

I believe both Ozium and Lysol kill mold spores, I have had good luck with Ozium, Remove cabin filter, set heat a/c blower on high and spray Ozium into cowl intake, Make sure tha a/c is NOT set to recirculate. Vary the heater setting for feet to dash to defrost. Then set the a/ to recirculate and spray into the bottom vents, the ones that blow heated air on your feet, they should be taking air in when the recirculate setting is used. Last, rep;ace the cabin filter, prefferably with on containing activated carbon.

I used 2 cans of Ozium and it worked for me. Avoid using recirculate as much as you can. It helps cause the mold problem.

PS Spray the carpet under the bottom heat vents.

Probably wouldn’t work. The weeds would have grown because there would have been dirt for them to grow in. That dirt isn’t just sitting around loose, otherwise it’d get blown out the vents onto the driver’s face. It’s sticking to the walls of the vent pipes. Whatever the reason it’s sticking (either gummy crap on the surface, or maybe even electrostatic attraction), that reason isn’t going to go away just because the direction of airflow changes. You might knock a little bit of dust off if it wasn’t sticking to the walls and was just in the lee of other dust bits, but you won’t get anywhere close to the bulk of it.