CA CARB complaint catalytic converter replacement

Does anyone know where I can obtain a CA CARB compliant CAT Converter for under $300.00 front exhaust to converter? Does anyone know if the 1987 Toyota Camry 2.0 4 cyl. FI XLE had 2 converters a front CAT from the exhaust and one inline before the muffler? Thanks, Jerome

Rock Auto doesn’t have one for under $300.00,1987,camry,2.0l+l4,1272798,exhaust+&+emission,catalytic+converter,5808


I know this isn’t the answer you want. GOOGLE. Ever heard of it. Lots and lots of good stuff there if you just look.

A 1987 Camry is over 25 years old, which makes it exempt from Federal Emissions. California’s time limit is 30 years, which you also are beyond.

Have you pursued a waiver because you are no longer required to pass emissions?

That car requires an emissions test. In California gasoline vehicles 1975 and older are exempt.

Thanks Nevada:
I read the California requirements too quickly. Here’s the relevant piece from their website:

Does my vehicle qualify for a smog exemption?

Smog inspections are required unless your vehicle is:

Gasoline powered 1975 year model or older
Diesel powered 1997 year model and older or with a Gross Vehicle Weight rating (GVWR) of more than 14,000 lbs
Natural gas powered with a GVWR rating of more than 14,000 lbs.

Thanks for catching my error.

The best option is to go to a reputable exhaust shop and pay them to weld in a new catalytic converter which is legal for use in CA

From what I can tell the 87 Camry’s 3s-fe 2 L 4-banger engine has only one cat. Besides the cat, the exhaust system is compromised of an exhaust manifold, exhaust pipe, exhaust resonator, and muffler.

Fun Fact The CARB Compliant Catalytic converters are identical to non compliant models, they simply have longer warranties as required by CA law. And for this you will PAY PAY PAY. Worst CARB inspectors will actually check PN against list, while some will not.

Another fun fact Outboard 2-Cycle motor oil (TC-W3) ~2-4oz per gas tank will bring NOx emissions to zero :slight_smile: 10-20% Methanol will do something similar to HC… hey my old CAT works just fine!


I’m one of those smog inspectors that you’re referring to

When a smog inspector in my area . . . Los Angeles, in case you care . . . encounters an aftermarket catalytic converter, they are REQUIRED to note the numbers and check on the appropriate website to make sure it’s certified for use on that particular car, including engine, model year, and so forth

The web seems to confirm a 20% mix will significantly reduce HC. Does a considerably better job than EtOH. But I’d worry about the effect of methanol on the fuel system. Corrosion problems etc.

Man, are you serious, you really do PAY! I had an Accord back in the day that had a CA emissions on it. Had to replace cat. CA converter was really high $. Having said that, this
Accord was ULEV whereas a bunch of others were only LEV.