Buying Used Audi A6 and Timing Belt Service


I am wondering about buying a 2004 Audi A6 Avant. The mileage is 74,600 or so which means the timing belt service is a hair’s breath away (75,000). The dealer has not mentioned this to me in his disclosure of the car’s history, only saying that it has been meticulously maintained. Is he obliged to have told me or to offer me consideration on the price due to what’s coming? Quotes I have gotten on timing belt service here in NY are $1500-2000.

That belt probably also has a time limit on it, usually 60 months. Being that it is a 2004 Model, it might actually have a manufacturing date of 6/2003, which in that case is way past due. UNLESS they already changed it. If you are buying from a dealer request that they change it or show proof that it has been changed. In either case there should be some sort of warranty attached to the job. If it was private party I would deduct the price of the repair + 10% inconvenience fee and drive the car directly to the shop.

He’s obligated to tell you nothing, and you’re not obligated to buy. Unless he shows you proof the service was done, assume it was not. And expect lots of service (unscheduled) for that Audi. Not a good period for Audis.

The word meticulous means nothing and it’s not likely the salesman knows the meaning of the word even with dictionary in hand.

They’re not obligated to tell you anything at all although you will probably hear a lot of puffing, which is car sales lingo for legalized BS.
It’s a high end car so maintenance costs can also be high end.

You are almost there, at the truth, so why ask? Did you expect a modern day horse trader to tell you the entire truth about the near perfect horse that he is selling?

I bought a Toyota Sequoia used with 89K miles. The Toyota recommendation is for a new timing belt at 90K miles. No mention by the seller, but I got a good price on the vehicle. Got the timing belt job done and all has be fine for 2 years and 30K miles since. The point is lots of owners trade their cars before this kind of major service as they are ready for a new car anyway.

Tell the dealer the Audi is due for the pricey timing belt and see if they will do it in their shop before you buy it. If not, negotiate the price down or look for another car. Remember lots of cars with 80 to 100K miles you would look at could be due for the same job if they have timing belts in the motor.

The Audi A6 is being traded away for the reason you looking into. There are exorbitant repair/maintenance prices an out of warranty person could not take. That is the reason for the lower resale value you are likely seeing vs new prices.

They are not obligated offer a consideration on price. However I would definitely ask and get it if this car is what you want.

I would just negotiate the price down from there to accommodate the needed timing belt replacement. A dealership will tell you anything to get a car off their lot and money in their account, and I wouldn’t put it past them to say that they replaced the belt when they really didn’t, just to move iron. I wouldn’t believe a dealership replaced a timing belt on a car I was considering buying unless I stood there and watched them do it.