Buying New 2009 Honda Civic

Getting ready to initialize the bidding war with a car dealership.

These are 2009 models they’re trying to move off the lot. Originally $19K. “On sale” for $17K.

How low can I start the bid without being laughed at? Also: is there an money yone out there with Honda car buying or selling experience who knows what the lowest they can go is without losing?

Anyone who laughs at you does not deserve your business. It’s impossible to insult a car salesman.

The dealer’s margin on the original $19,000 car is about 15%, and now that the new models are on the lot, the factory knocks off additonal money in order to move the vehicles.

If you bid 85% of $17,000 you will get some reaction. If you pick a slow day in the winter, and this is a good time, the sales manager, who makes the final decison will do a lot to get his quota in. Many experienced shoppers pick the end of the month, preferabley in very bad weather, to shop.

Good luck!

Don’t worry about being laughed at, you’ll likely never see these guys again. Visit several Honda dealers, because in effect they are bidding against each other. Let them know by name the other dealers you have visited. Offer $15K and listen to there is “no way we can stay in business” speech. Then you say, you are going to keep looking and leave your name and number, they can call you with a better offer, and walk out the door.

You are shopping at the wrong time of the month, the good deals come in the last days of the month. You should finalize your deal about Feb. 24th. If you need a car loan get it from your bank or credit union. Getting a loan from the dealership just gives them more leverage and you’ll ending up paying more.

All Civics come with ABS brakes and VTec motor so don’t pay for extras you don’t need, the base model is a fine car. I feel you should get their 17K sale car for $15,500 and no more than 16K.

You can get a 2010 LX-S sedan for $18,000 including delivery charges. Honda has $650 cash to the dealer for 2010 Civics. An article in the Chicago Tribune (1/21/200) says that Honda is paying $750 in dealer incentives for the 2009 Civic until 2/5. It will likely remain the same or increase after 2/5.

Get the price off the sticker, including delivery charges, and subtract $750. The difference in that price and the one they offered you is the discount. The markup is 8.2% do the math to see if there is any money left on the table.

Very few dealers own their inventory…The BANK owns it or, rarely, Honda Corp owns it…Either way, they need to move it or pay more interest on their loan. The worst thing that can happen is that they say no…