Buying late model under warranty KS car to ship to CA

2011 Infinit FX35 under warranty for. Private seller
He has partial lien …
After quick used car inspection at local dealer, I will pay Infiniti Leasing the total amount.
They will pay seller any overage.

Any unforeseen issues?
Do I make sure I get title before sending check?’


If you buy a vehicle in Kansas, you need to make sure it can be registered in Cali. I looked at Edmunds details for this SUV, and it appears that it is only available as Cali-acceptable. Contact the Cali DMV and make sure that it is truly 50 states legal. And you must have a clear title before you can trulu own it. Enjoy your new life in Cali. It’s a wonderful place. Well, just the places I’ve been: LA, SF, SD, SB, well, all over central Cali and Sacremento.

Thanks. What about the lisence plates?
Do they keep them and I get car without any plates??

One caution: It may prove very expensive to register this car in Calif. Calif tries to dissuade folks from bringing in out of state cars. One reason is to prevent someone from buying a car in another state to avoid Calif sales tax. Another is Calif purchased cars often have extra emissions eqpt.

So I think while you’ll probably be allowed to bring it in and register it ok, be sure to ask your local DMV how much it is going to cost. You should be able to do this w/a phone call to the DMV.

If you register it in Kansas and pay taxes, you will have to do the same in Cali. Discuss the issue with the Kansas DMV and the Cali DMV and see how you can buy the car in KS and only pay taxes on the transaction in CA.

Here is how this works. You get title from seller or Lease company. If seller has title you get it from him. Lease company will then send you a release of lien. If lease company has the title they will send it to you signed off to you. You will then take it to your DMV and pay taxes and fees. Just make sure in can be registered in CA before you buy it. You will get new plates from CA. If you drive it back from KS you can get a temp tag from Ca or Ka. Just call your ins co. and put ins on it no matter how you get back to CA.

Thanks for all the great info!

My concern would be some performance issue which may cause the car to fail a California smog test and an issue like this may or may not be noticeable to the driver or the person doing the quick inspection which you referred to.

How many miles on this car and is this some kind of eBay deal?

You will need some time to complete this transaction, do you have about 2 weeks? After you pay the title will have to be sent to you by the leasing company. The lease company won’t send the title until all the checks have cleared and they are sure they have their money. So expect it to take several days to get the title. Then you can ship the car to CA.

In CA you could have all kinds of issues and fee’s getting the car titled and registered. CA is a very tough state to deal with, especially with “smog” inspections. You don’t want to pay sales tax twice, your best bet is to call a CA DMV office directly and pose your questions. Frankly, I’d wait until I got to CA and buy a car there.

If nothing is wrong with the car you will pass smog with no trouble. If the 2011 car is not two years old a smog check may not be required yet. You can’t reach the local DMV by phone but when you go there the people are really well trained and can answer most questions quickly.

If the road block people at the border of Ca. ask if you have any walnuts or almonds, just say no. They probably don’t mean the salted and roasted ones. Don’t mention the cooler full of Mediterranean fruit flies.

@Ribs Do you presently live in KS or CA? Are you moving to CA with the car, or just reselling it there? If you are a legal resident of CA, you can get a 60 day permit in KS for the car, but you will have to have liability insurance on it, and go to a KS DMV to buy it. If you are having it hauled on a truck, there is no point in the permit. The tags in KS stay with the seller who can get a refund from the state. you will not be required to pay KS sales tax on the car if you are a CA resident.

The state holds all titles that have liens in a BIG computer (HAL, who is often moody) in the capital. The seller won’t have the title until he pays it off. His lending agency can set up the delivery of the title to you, but you’ll still need to have the seller sign it. I’d suggest having your bank issue a cashier’s check made out to both the seller and his lending agency. Even then, it will be a couple of weeks before HAL spits out the title.

Although MOST cars are 50 state compliant these days, you definitely need to be sure the car is equipped with the correct smog control equipment to make CA happy. If not, you will wish you’d never bought it.

My first thought is, is it a Craiglist car? There are con artists who list great deals on Craigslist, will ship as soon as you send me the money. In most cases, the car doesn’t even exist. But, they have your money. Happens all the time. In fact Craigslist warns against those deals at great length.

My naive son almost got into one of those deals. My suggestion is, do not buy a car you cannot drive home with you.

He contacted the man because the posting said it was like 30 miles from where he lived, and he thought he’d drive up and buy it. He got a mail back saying, um, I moved to NY state and moved the car here. So, I will ship it back to you AS SOON AS YOU SEND ME THE MONEY. Lame, lame, lame.

My general opinion is run, run, run. This is very likely bogus. I have been wrong before and will be wrong again, but that is my opinion.

There is no reason to buy a car that far away. They don’t have cars for sale in California? I could see it if it were an ancient collector’s car. But, an ordinary car? Forget it.

Let me guess. He had a really great price on it, and had a really complicated reason he needed a quick sale. Going overseas is a common one.