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Buying Car w/ Manual Transmission?


I was recently in a car accident (other driver ran a light and totaled my 2006 Honda Civic). Luckily no one was hurt and my insurance company quickly gave me funding for a new car. I decided to purchase a 2007 Honda Civic with 25,000 miles, previous one owner , car is in great shape. It has, however, manual transmission. I know how to drive stick, so that is not the problem. I began to worry (small panic attack) after purchasing the car that people are no longer driving cars with manual transmission and that it will be difficult to re-sell the car if I want to down the road. I tend to be a worrier ? so I?m trying to just enjoy my new/used car, but wondering what you think of manual transmission cars? And also wondering if you think manual transmission cars will become extinct within the next 5-10 years?

Thank you!


I like manual trannys. No, they won’t become extinct in the next 5-10 years. Automatic trannys have been around for generations, yet manuals still persist.

You’re obsessing. Stop obsessing and enjoy your new ride.

You’re worrying for nothing. There are still plenty of people, (myself included) who PREFER a manual transmission. A Civic with a manual, assuming it’s in decent shape, will never be difficult to sell.

Well, you bought a car with a manual transmission, didn’t you? :slight_smile:

They’re fun to drive and won’t be disappearing too soon. In fact, think about it. If they became rare, yours would become more valuable.

Enjoy your car and quit being a worrier. It doesn’t help and is a waste of energy.


Thanks for your thoughts…feelin better - going out for a drive :slight_smile:

Good to hear! I do sometimes worry for nothing…and this helps to let go the worry…

Thanks for the perspective…enough with the worry - time to enjoy the new car!

The thing about the better fuel efficiency is sooo true! I found that I can easily save at least 10% of fuel by driving a manual transmission and do some tricks like shifting into a higher gear early (or even shifting from 2nd to 4th gear when possible). The biggest pro in favour of manual transmission is downhill driving and using the engine to slow down the car. Very good especially on long downhill roads.

… Just some reasons why people do like stick shifters!

It is called buyers remorse. You got a good deal because of the MT. Give a good deal and someone will buy it from you tomorrow. Now if you wait until the gas prices go back up you might actually come out a winner.

Manuals don’t sell as well in urban areas because they are a pain to use in creeping traffic jams. However, in suburbia and rural areas, a car with 100k+ miles usually sells better if it is a manual.

As for mileage, the engineers have been working hard to narrow the gap between autos and manuals, but you can still expect 1-2 mpg more from a manual, depending on your driving habits.

I have a friend and colleague who won’t drive anything but a Honda Civic with a manual transmission. She had the dealer practically comb the universe finding one that had a manual transmission with the other amenities that she wanted. I don’t think manual transmissions will disappear in the next 10 years. When you are ready for your next car, you may even want another manual transmission.

In 10 years a working manual transmission vs a broken down automatic will save your car. Automatic’s are beyond expensive to repair and do not always last. Manual’s have fewer problems and when they do are significantly less expensive to repair and don’t require specialists.

I certainly hope manual transmission vehicles won’t be extinct that soon! It is just my opinion, but being able to drive a stick shift isn’t that uncommon, nor are manual transmissions. Hondas have high resale value (from what I’m told and my own car buying research), and I for one only want manual tran. Relax and enjoy your new/used car.

It should not be much of a problem.  The percentage of cars purchased new is say 45% manual.  Now that means about 45% of car buyers like manual transmissions.  It also means about 45% of used cars will have manual transmissions.  So ...  The number of sellers to buyers ratio is about  the same for both kinds of transmissions so  it will not be easier or harder.

I’d be more worried about finding a buyer who likes that goofy instrument panel! :slight_smile: