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Buying a used Chevy Volt? (full car situation posted below!)

This person wants a Volt , fine that is his business. But using his mileage depreciation as a factor is strange. What does he think is going to happen to the vehicle he gets , same thing of course.

Now if it was me I would find the least expensive new vehicle with full warranty that was suitable .

As someone who routinely puts 250-400k miles on a car before washing my hands of it, I would say keep the Acura and drive it to the bitter end.

You refer to “crazy mileage” being racked up, I don’t see the work commute and random mileage as being high at all. What are we talking: 15k miles a year? That’s nothing. I used to rack up 40k miles a year just on a work commute alone…

Using fuzzy math I have 12960 miles a year just for work commuting . Most leases I see are for 12000 to 15000 miles a year. OP has 62000 on a 2015 , must have been a good sized mileage penalty at the lease end.

Yep. Completely over mileage.

But…the initial 2 years was my commute for college. This year I’ve thrown on roughly 25k in 10 months on the car since I graduated and began working.

@wentwest yes you do get it. I spend 3 hours in traffic daily. Cutting that definitely helps along with the long trips I do for work

There’s no formula to calculate the cost or benefit of finding a way through terrible traffic. None. I support your idea about the Volt.