Buying a new car ONLINE?


Has anyone had any succees with purchasing a new car online after they know what they want? I am looking to lease a new car and am wondering if there are reliable and discounted sites? We normally lease. Looking at a luxury car, if affordable.


It can better or worse, it really depends on who you go through. Its just another conduit like the telephone to making the transaction.

I had really good success buying my last car over the phone. It was purchased at invoice - rebate without negotiation. The only interaction with dealer was handing over keys for a few hours at test drive time without salespoerson for my wife and then her paying for it (30 mins).


I recently bought a car online and it was a good experience. I tried to find the car I was looking for locally and throught the local dealer, but no luck after several months. I found it on one of the major car websites (I honestly don’t recall if it was or the msn site or which). I think it helped that I was buying through a major dealer in Salt Lake City, who was familiar with online sales. They paid for the shipping (well, it was part of the negotiation).

The only hard part was that since it was an out of state purchase and I live in California I had to be careful that the car passed CA emissions and requirements. Also, it took over a month for the paperwork to process, and CA only gives 30 days, fortunately the DMV guy was understanding since I had all the paperwork. The dealer had told me in advance it would take that long.

As to buying from an individual online, I would have someone check the car out carefully. Good luck.


I can’t help you with the on-line part, but do re-consider leasing. It is almost always a bad idea for an individual. There are many pit falls.


I can’t comment about the on-line buying but do second Mr. Meehan about leasing. Leasing is not a good idea for almost any car buyer.

The dealers like it because it’s easier to roll you over into another car and can ease the “numbers juggling” on their end; not to your benefit of course.


Buying seems SO expensive. You have to own it for a ong time to get the value.
Andrew-how did you get the real invoice price on the new car? Not pre-owned. I am looking at several models.


How did you get the invoice price? Can you recommend this person or any other? I live in the Phila., PA area.


Buying may seem expensive, but leasing is the most expensive of the two. If you insist on a new car and simply must trade it in every year or two, then leasing might be palatable.


Leasing is by FAR the MOST expensive way to get into a vehicle. I’ve NEVER seen HOW it benefits the leaser. It’s a great money maker for the dealer though.


To get the invoice price look at a website like It’ll give you invoice price, retail price, and true market value for both the car and the options you’re looking for. Unless you are writing off the lease payments on your taxes, you shouldn’t lease anything. Also, NEVER walk into a dealership asking what you can get in for $xxx/month, you just as well walk into a casino throwing your money on the floor.