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Buying a new car from out of state

I am purchasing a brand new Acura from out-of-state because they no longer have this model in the trim that I like ('08 TL Type-S) where I live. I am planning on closing the deal with the Acura dealer by phone/fax/Fedex, then having the car delivered to me (i.e., I am buying the car without physically seeing or testing it out first).

Any idea if this is a risky proposition? What are the chances I will get a lemon?! This is a new car from what appears to be a legit Acura dealer. Wonder if any problems I might run into over the ensuing weeks/months can be fixed at a local Acura dealer and covered by the factory warranty, or would this turn into a blame game between manufacturer and dealer of origin, with me left holding the bag?

Thanks in advance for any input.

I would not do it that way. In my state the deal is not final until you actually can see and examine the car. My girlfriend once was told the car she wanted was in and ready. She walked in and they wanted her to sign even before they brought it around. Well as it turned out it was mostly what she wanted, but they forgot to mention it had different seats, and half the extras, like remote key operation were not on it. They had played the women have no knowledge of cars game and lost. It is a shame, they have a great service department, but sales department stinks. It is a good thing she did not sign or drive it off the lot.

Take a trip if you like and pick up the car or if it were me, I would let it go and wait until next year to see what I like or see if a local dealer could get it for me.

You are going to spend at least $40,000 on your car and you don’t want to see it first? Even if it’s more than a couple hundred miles away, you can fly there and back for a few hundred bucks. Spending a percent or two of the purchase price to make sure that it’s everything you want is money well spent.

I suggest you have your local dealer swap cars and get the one you want. If that can’t be done, go to the dealer who has the car and inspect it personally.

You’re taking a HUGE risk otherwise.

ANY Acura dealer will honor the warranty. They have to, regardless of where the car is purchased.

I think you’re going to spend more money this way than if you just found a car closer to home. Check the tax situation in your state. You may pay sales tax twice, and this in not an inexpensive proposition on a car like this.

Good suggestion. Incidentally, a couple of my friends also suggested going through a local dealer to get this particular vehicle (which is exactly what I will be trying to do today).

The dealer that has the car is not charging me sales tax. I would take care of that at home after I receive the car.

Also, after doing some research, cost of transporting the car on a carrier to my home would be in the $400-700 range, which is not too bad.

Thanks so much for your opinions.

Well, if you’re only paying sales tax once this deal might not be too bad. Lots of people are buying over the Internet these days.

How far away is the car? The price to transport makes me think it’s within driving range. It might be less expensive to go get it yourself.

Dealer swaps are common, although the distance matters. I’m surprised they didn’t offer to find the car you wanted, although I also understand their desire to sell what’s on their lot.

Please let us know how this works out. I’m an Acura owner, and from everything I’ve heard and read the '08 TL Type-S is a very nice all-around vehicle.

It’s a shame, in my opinion, what they’ve done with the '09. That’s a face only a mother could love.

Local dealer can’t get it. They can’t match the price of the out-of-state dealer.

Car is 430 miles away. Unfortunately other things going on, and may be limited on time for extra activities, like traveling.

I’ll be taking the wife out to test-drive a local (used) model of this car today. I drove it last week and was quite impressed with many aspects.

I completely agree with you on the '09! That’s why I want to get an '08 while it is still available.

What are the two states involved? Are they just out of the trim you want or was it never available in your state?

There is an off chance that the reason why you can’t buy that particular trim-level in your state is that it doesn’t meet the more stringent safety and emissions standards that are in place in some states. I don’t think this is all that likely, but just to be safe I would get the VIN and swing down to your local DMV just to double-check that you’re going to be able to register the thing at home.

Interesting thought. However, I think the reason I can’t find it now in-state is that people are buying the last few remaining ones. It has been available in-state, and in fact, there is one dealer that still has 2 left (just checked today), just not in the color I want.