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Buying a new car from out of state

I am purchasing a brand new Acura from out-of-state because they no longer have this model in the trim that I like ('08 TL Type-S) where I live. I am planning on closing the deal with the Acura dealer by phone/fax/Fedex, then having the car delivered to me (i.e., I am buying the car without physically seeing or testing it out first).

Any idea if this is a risky proposition? What are the chances I will get a lemon?! This is a new car from what appears to be a legit Acura dealer. Wonder if any problems I might run into over the ensuing weeks/months can be fixed at a local Acura dealer and covered by the factory warranty, or would this turn into a blame game between manufacturer and dealer of origin, with me left holding the bag?

Thanks in advance for any input.