Buying a mini-suv Lincoln vs Audi, Acura? have you even heard of the Lincoln MKC?

So I have driven an Acura MDX for ten years. Great car, safe. But it drives like a tank, gets 14 mpg (which is shameful) and honestly, it goes skiing 3x a year, so the AWD thing is unneccesary. I’ve also beaten the crap out of it and it, like me, isn’t aging all that well. So, this thing is a Ford (who I admire as a company) and so I am leaning toward it, but honestly, I can buy any car I want, so it feels weird to buy a Lincoln. Does that make sense? I am old to young people, but young to old people - I am 44. Everyone I know drives a euro-suv or like me, an acura/lexus/infiniti. I don’t have any experience with this brand and I wonder if the people that do aren’t online types (read, really really old), bc there aren’t reviews on this car. Just wondering what car people make of this little SUV. At 35-45k, cheaper than most other choices I am looking at. Am driving one tomorrow. Help appreciated.

I can’t speak for that particular model but I’ve been driving Lincolns for going on 15 years and they’ve been the most comfortable and reliable vehicles I’ve ever owned.

My youngest son owned a Lincoln Aviator which was comfortable and reliable. The only reason he even sold it is because out of the blue he got an offer from someone he knew who had moved out of state and was looking for one. They remembered his and offered more than book value over the phone so off it went. They drove down from Wyoming in an older Camry and just gave the Toyota to him on a whim. Sweet deal made even sweeter.

My only complaint with the newer Lincolns is the styling on the noses. I simply cannot get over that droopy, squinty grill.
But of course one can’t see the grill from the seat so… :slight_smile:

My uncle drives a Lincoln MKC and he loves it. It gets better mileage than his former Lincoln…a Lincoln Navigator. It’s also a smaller vehicle by far. Drive one and see if you like it.

I don’t know much about Lincolns except that they look like a dog going down the highway with his head out the window.

But OK4450 made a good point… you don’t have to look at it from the inside.

The Lincoln MKC shares a lot of parts and systems with other Ford products, I believe the MKC is the Lincoln version of the Ford Edge. A basic Lincoln MKC will likely have more luxury goodies and feel than a loaded Edge. It should be a reliable car/suv. As for age of Lincoln buyers, they are older - but the MKC is looking to attract younger buyers so you are just the customer Lincoln is looking to attract and bring into their customer base.

How do you beat the crap out of your car? Using 4wd mode is not hard on car. Driving thru snow to ski resort is not hard. Do you tow a 10k trailer every day?

The MKC is the Lincoln trim Escape ( the Lincoln trim Edge is MKX )
All these Lincoln MK-- names are confusing even to us dealer parts people.

Asking about cars fit in type is always futile since each person is different . You must test drive to answer these kinds of questions.

Be American. Buy American.
The Acura is made in Lincoln. Lincoln Alabama.

The Lincoln was imported, all the way from Chicago, Illinois.

Never mind…

I was thinking I’d lean toward the Lincoln until I clicked on your link and found that it has a four cylinder turbo charged engine. It’s either a 2.0 or 2.3 liter mill that will probably be adequate to pull the car, but it’s MPG is about the same as the Acura’s V-6. It has an EPA estimated MPG of 20/28. The Lincoln shows 20/29, so that’s a wash. I think the jury is still out on what the longevity of the Ecoboost turbos will be. Historically, turbos have not been the best way to go for long life.

Has anyone here heard of a modern turbo charger lasting as long as the engine, and/or the rest of the car? I’m seldom around brand new models. I know turbo chargers are better than they used to be, but how good are they?

IMHO the depreciation will be less on the Acura, but since you seem to keep your cars for a long time, that’s not much of a factor.

You may get a better trade-in price for your Acura at the Acura dealer.

That said, I think if I were in the market of an upscale crossover, I’d go for the Acura.

Stick with Acura. If you beat the "cr-p| out of àny of the others, they will be very short lived.

My neighbor`s wife has an Acura and over 8 years of commuting it has been flawless.

The only real demerit’s I’m finding about this vehcile (so far just checked Motor Trend which had this in their suv of the year test) the 6spd automatic didn’t do the ecoboost engine many favors and a few interior details looked more Focus than Lincoln. You should also take a look at the new Lexus NX.

Ecoboost is Madmen Fordspeak for turbo charged, just in case the OP is still listening.

Per consumer report, Ford has had issues with their Ecoboost engines. I would try and stay away. If there is a 6 cylinder, it might be better. I would look into a loaded Explorer; that is if you don’t mind the gas mileage. They are nice cars, but not sure if they will hold up as well as an Acura; esp if you tend to beat the crap out of your cars. How about the smaller Acura RDX?

I am headed out today to drive it, the Acura Rdx and maybe a Kia Sorento. In answer to how I am hard on cars… I have three teenagers. It has been been bashed by rakes, soccer balls, basketballs, neighborhood cats on the hood, garbage cans, bikes, camping gear… you get the picture. I will report back. I do very much like the idea of buying a Ford. My grandfather worked for them, I used to drive one, I was just concerned about reliability and how I am treated when/if there is a problem. My folks have only driven Fords and they have had terrible customer service at two seperate dealerships. And they buy way more frequently than I do, every five years to my every ten. My Acura has needed nothing but brakes, tires and oil changes in 141k. Since I am not a person who understands car mechanics (my dad was a mechanic) that is my number one concern.

I like the way the Lincoln looks. Honestly, part of it is that I just don’t want to buy the expected thing.

And “turbo” is the last thing I need!!

Are you buying transportation or making a fashion statement?? After all you are what you drive…

You can always save a few bucks by getting the Ford Escape version. It looks quite sharp and in loaded form is about as nice as the Lincoln.

Though personally I’d probably get the RDX, which is quite a bit roomier than I expected and very comfortable. About to be introduced is the compact Lexus NX, related to the Toyota RAV4. It looks fairly sharp.

The Hyundai Santa February was redone last year and has been much praised. It comes as a short wheelbase ‘Sport’ designed for two rows of seats and a long wheelbase version with three rows. It’s a little nicer than the Sorento.

The Mazda CX-5 has been piling up awards since its intro a year ago. It’s not especially luxurious, but it is very nice, drives well, gets good gas mileage, and should be reliable. The larger Mazda CX-9 is probably more than you’re looking for, but it compares quite nicely to many luxury models in styling and interior quality.

Of domestic models the Buick Enclave is very nice, though I don’t know about its reliability. The German models are all pricey and typically less reliable. Happy shopping. There are a lot of pretty good vehicles in this class.

I drove both on Friday and the Lincoln’s backseat mirrors that of a Porshe. (There for insurance purposes only.) Oddly, lots of cargo room, just don’t plan on junior in the back seat after age six. Super disapointed in that, bc the seats aren’t really adjustable to give the back seat any more legroom (toward the cargo area, you can obviously push the front seats closer to the steering wheel). But it was a nice little car, well-appointed, had pretty fab techno-gear. Weirdly the more expensive bigger one, comparable to my current MDX was old-school, clunky with not-great tech. Like the cigerette lighter hole was the only available place to plug anything in in the back of the car… deal killer. But the MKC was gorgeous, inside and out. RDX was everything good an Acura could be, but reminded my of my old Suburu station wagon. Styling was lacking. Turns out, I am shallow! Going to check out the new Lexus, maybe the Audi, if it weren’t for the lack of legroom in the backseat, I’d be in love right now. They also have a kind of limited warranty for the price point, like five years, and immediately try to sell you the extended warrantly… with so many tech things… you want to know you aren’t getting stuck with service visits at your expense five years in. Thanks for everyone’s input. Oh, when I asked about the ‘turbo’, he said this was the same engine that ford uses across the board, like in f150s. True?

If you’re finding the compacts too small, you may need to look at the next size up. The MDX you already know, and it hasn’t changed all that dramatically. You’ll probably find the upcoming Lexus NX too tight, which means the RX should be more suitable. I’ve never found the interior very nice, but it has long been a bestseller in this class. Reliability will be a lot better with its Camry-related mechanicals than anything German (or Swedish or English). I agree that the Audi Q5 feels special, but also that it’s not very roomy. The BMW X3 is distinctly roomier. If I had to buy German that would probably be my first choice, but you can still expect expensive maintenance and high repair costs in a few years.

If the compacts are small for you, then go test drive a Mazda Cx 9. It is a good compromise car, has some luxury, some fun to drive, comfort, roomy and some reliability and would not break the bank in cost of ownership.

Oh, and I forgot the Infiniti FX. A bit glitzy, and reputedly the ride is a little flinty, but it looks special inside and out and should have plenty of room. I prefer the smaller EX, but it’s back seat and cargo area is even smaller than a Audi Q5. It’s really more of a hatchback than a crossover.