Buying a high mileage honda


We are buying a car for our 16 year old son. We found a 1997 honda accord with 207K miles. Should I expect this car to get him through the rest of high school?


Depends on how it was maintained. If normal maintenance was done then it could easily last another 100k miles.


Yes but the likelyhood of major repair is there. Pay a mechanic for a checkover to see what your getting into.


This car will not get him through high school without at least two or three serious visits to the shop. Such is my prediction. But this is a safe prediction for any ten-year-old car with high mileage.

Such is the normal headache of the car owner. You cannot expect to buy a well-used car and rely on trouble-free performance for years to come.

Don’t let my remarks deter you from buying this car. If you pass this one up you will simply come upon another one and the same situation applies. The best you can do is take pot luck and let your grandson know what to expect.


I agree that it could easily work for him. But, it could just as easily be a nightmare. A 1997-vintage Honda (and many other brands) can easily live many years past the 10 year mark. The key is to take it to a mechanic you trust, and ask him.