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Buying a Chevy Volt and insurance

Have 2 cars and one is 25 yrs old - prefer to keep it since I leave it at airport, train station or haul stuff (hatch back).

Adding a Chevy Volt, almost doubles my premium - goes up by $500/6 month. If I remove the 25yr old car, then it only goes up by about $250.

The Volt is also a hatch.

Any tips on keeping my insurance low. We are two drivers (couple). My child is 14 and tries out the 25yr old car now and then.

“My child is 14 and tries out the 25yr old car now and then.”

The best way to keep your insurance costs low, and also to preserve your financial security, is to STOP allowing a 14 yr old to “try out” that car. When–inevitably–he/she has an accident, your insurance will not cover the claims, and you could lose your house and most of your possessions in a resulting civil suit.

The Volt will need “Full Coverage” insurance which is expensive. The airport beater just needs minimum coverage liability…Shop around, rates can vary considerably…Bundle it with your Homeowners policy will save a few bucks…

Have you talked with your insurance company about reducing the premiums? You might not be taking advantage of available discounts, and (worst case) you might be able to reduce the rates by things like increaing your deductable and removing collision coverage on the 25 year old car.

Talk with your agent.

I have bugged the ins company in the past and I have the lowest price now. 25 yr old car doesn’t have collision coverage. No homeowner yet. Geico uses other parties to provide home owner ins. Is there another insurance provider attractive in California?

My 14 yr old drive in the backyard only.

I got good rates with Allstate, bundled homeowner’s policy with 3 cars and 3 drivers.

@scionf, do you use one car as a commuter or both? If you use only the Volt as the commuter and remove that designation from the older car, it won’t cost as much. You can still drive leave it at the airport and not affect the commuter designation. I’ve found GEICO to be easy to work with. I think that they will help you find a lower cost policy. But you might have explored this option already.

In your case, it may be less expensive to have two different companies insure your cars. Shop around.

Most policies have a hefty increase when teen drivers are added. If u do the math on cars, which is reality since they cost so much. U buy the volt to save gas. But it costs a lot to buy since its a new car. U than are ususally required to buy full ins since u have a loan, or don’t want to risk having a huge bill if u damage car. Than ur teen drives and ur ins skyrockets. Of course it wil increase on any car ur teen drives. So, u buy a volt to “save” money but it ends up costing u more.

Don’t let your 14 year old drive ANYWHERE until he can get a beginner’s license. That age differs by state. I was 16 when I became eligible.