Buying a car from your mechanic

I had an accident and had to get rid of my car. The owner of the small garage where I got my car fixed offered to sell me his parent’s 1999 Camry with 140000 miles on it for $3500. It is right about the KBB value for the car. He says the car is very well maintained since it was his parent’s car and he made sure everything was done in time and done right. He also said he can give a three month written warranty on it. The car has usual cosmetic wear as on a 12 year old car.

So far in my interactions with him, even when I had to get my older car fixed he has been very straightforward and seems honest. He is also aware of all the hassles I had to go through mechanically with my previous car and said it might have been for the better that I had to get rid of it.

How advisable is it to buy from your mechanic?

Have another mechanic check it over, just to be sure.

Agreed. Always have the prospective vehicle checked by a good mechanic regardless of the seller.

Yep, as the others have stated, every prospective used car should be checked by a mechanic who has no conflict of interest. This type of inspection is always worth paying for. If it passes your mechanic’s inspection, it sounds like a good deal.

Thanks everyone!

If your mechanic asks why (‘don’t you trust me?’), just tell him this way it eliminates any concern on your part for anything that might go wrong with the car later on, a ‘clean slate’, so to speak.