Busted Bearings

I have a GMC Denali my wife took to the dealer to get an estimate on repairs, because the vehicle started making a scraping noise on the left side of the vehicle. My wife was told that the vehicle had busted bearing and it would cost around $1200 to fix the problem. My question is does the identified problem and cost of the repair sound in line.

Ummm, how was the diagnosis done? Did the dealer pull the wheels or was the service writer just making the usual WAG?

At any rate tell us what year the Denali is, how many miles are on it and if it is still under warranty.

Does the warrantys’ fine print say this type of repair WILL BE covered at NO cost to you?

If not under warranty take the vehicle to an independent shop. At least for a second opinion if not repair.

Sorry, I can’t comment on cost.

There are bearings in every wheel and other places in the drivetrain, including engine and transmission. Without knowing where the busted bearing is, we have no idea what a reasonable cost should be. A wheel bearing or axle bearing, the cost is way out of line. But, a bad transmission bearing or spun engine bearing would require a near o total disassembly to get to, and the cost would be understandable.

if your wife is recalling the description correctly as : " busted bearing" then with such an unprofessional description, run (dont walk) to an independant mechanic for a second opinion.

as road runner asked, what year, mileage, and is it still under warranty??

more info is needed. especially what bearing is bad?