Busted bearings

I have a GMC Denali my wife took to the dealer to get an estimate on repairs, because the vehicle started making a scraping noise on the left side of the vehicle. My wife was told that the vehicle had busted bearing and it would cost around $1200 to fix the problem. My question is does the identified problem and cost of the repair sound in line.

using flat rate book is. remember the flat rate book charges you each item they remove and put back on. a smaller shop that might chage for the whole job for one price is lower first you need to find a shop like this. like when you you get a brake job you only wanted pads but then you need calipers. they go to book and look up labor for caliper repair. even though they needed to take off the caliper to insall pads thay add the labor for just the caliper. you are charged twice for the same thing . if pads pays 1.5 hours and the caliper labors 2hrs you pay 3.5 hrs even though they already had the calipers off. no wonder tom, ray left harvard to open a garage or maybe they great bussiness school. wre elde can you double for the same job . get a new alt put on and give the shop a new belt to put even though they had to put on the old one you will charged an hour for installing a new belt hummmm