Burnt Valve?

My granddaughter’s husband just bought a very nice '94 Beretta. He brought it over for me to admire and I noticrd a put put put out the exhaust. I think he has a burnt exhaust valve, what do you think It is a 3100 V6

If he’s happpy with it, why would you want to dampen his happiness? Leave well enough alone.

V-6’s always have a “put-put” in the exhaust…

Well 5 are not putting, just one

Doesn’t anyone have anything to say about this? It sounds like the compression is coming right out the tailpipe.

He’s happy right now but he won’t be when it blows up from running on 5 cylinders!

Quit guessing and run a compression test.

Well, I don’t have the equipment or place to do it but I’ll try to get him to do that.

Go here:


and click on scenario 6.

The charge for a mechanic doing this would be slim to nil.