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Burns oil

It only burns oil when the ambient temp is above freezing. Why would this be?

What makes you think it is burning oil vs leaking oil?

A bluish smoke out tailpipe, moderately severe and intermittent

How old is your Accord? 4-cylinder or V6? How many miles on the odometer? How many miles does it take to burn up a quart of oil?

4 cylinder. 2000. 120,000 2 quarts per tank of gas (300 miles) above freezing, 1 quart per 2 tanks winter. I will not have online access again till Tuesday but will respond to any more questions then. Thank you

One quart in 600 miles is marginal, 2 quarts in 300 miles is solid in beaterville.

It burns more when warm because warm oil is thinner and pistons fit looser in the warm cylinders.

I once saw a Honda burning oil like this and it had severely worn cylinders and partly shattered piston ring lands.

Two quarts per tank of gas is excessive. Get rid of this car as quickly as possible.

This engine is in boat anchor territory. New engine or new car. Your choice. That rate of oil consumption is outrageous. Even the Prizm/Corollas of the late '90s/early '00s don’t typically burn that much oil.