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Burning through front front head light light bulbs in 6 months every 6 months

I have 15 year old Nissan Sentra (low miles) that has recently (the last 18 months) gone through 3 new sets of head lamp light bulbs. Previously I’d only changed the bulbs once, maybe twice? in 13 years. It is very frustrating to burn though the bulbs so quickly - not just because of the money but the inconvience as well. I don’t drive my car very much but when I do my habit has been to have the lights on when I do (for the past 15 years). What could be causing my bulbs to burn out like this and how can I fix it?! Do I need to change my daylight light habit? Or do I have a bigger issue to deal with? It’s no fun being yelled at for “not having your lights on” and then driving with the brights on because both head lamps have magically died with no warning.

You might have someone check your alternator output. If the internal regulator has gone bad, it could cause the system voltage to be too high, but that would be hard on all the other light bulbs in your car as well, although you don’t use the others as much. Do check all the other bulbs as well, especially the brake lights.

One more thing, it could also be as simple as a dirty battery connection on the negative post. That can also cause the alternator voltage to go high.

Another one more thing, if you have noticed that the headlights flicker a little at night, this would indicate a poor body to engine ground. The flickering will shorten the life of a bulb.

Ditto to keith’s comments. Let us know how you make out.

Also, if you are touching the bulbs with your bare skin as you change them, you are damaging them. Use gloves or a paper towel.

I had the very same problem with my wifes 02 Sonata. Did some research & found the bulbs were only rated for 80 hours. Replaced them with some wagner 400 hour, long life bulbs & problem solved.

Make sure the reflector buckets are mounted properly. If the buckets (mounts) can shake around, the bulbs won’t last very long…

Any condensation in the headlight assemblies? The moisture will shorten the life of the bulbs.

Ed B.