2015 Nissan Versa - Headlights burn out

Head lights keep burning out monthly.

A few reasons I can think of that might cause this are…
touching bulb glass with your fingers. the oil from your skin can affect bulb life.

moister inside the lens

a cut or corroded wire

the connector that connects to the bulb can be burnt or melted causing a short.

a defective alternator that is over charging.

wrong type of bulb installed


Ask your shop to do their standard battery/alternator test. A diy’er version can be done with a volt-meter:

  • measure the battery voltage before first start of the day. Should be about 12.6 volts
  • then, after starting the engine, 13.5 - 15.5 volts.

If that test passes, WW’s ideas are good ones to consider. It’s also possible you are getting faulty replacement bulbs. I’ve had that happen to me. Sometimes a parts store will get an entire shipment of bad bulbs. One idea, buy the next bulb from a different parts store.

As the others have mentioned, if the bulbs are truly burning out then the charging system has a problem, and the alternator may need to be replaced. If the bulbs are just not working, then there is a power connection problem that needs to be addressed. I also suggest you try to get bulbs made by Phillips for longer bulb life.

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