Burning Plastic smell

A couple of weeks ago, my 1996 Honda Civic started making a sort of clicking noise when I braked on the driver side. The sound correlated with the rotation of the wheels. Now the sound is gone, but I am getting a burning plastic smell when I drive my car for longer than 15 minutes or so. Any ideas?

It may be the plastic splash shield rubbing against the rotating wheel. The burning smell may be engine oil leaking onto the exhaust manifold.
Have the brakes inspected to be sure there isn’t a safety issue. If engine oil is leaking onto the exhaust, it’s possible for that oil to flame, another safety issue.

A burning smell when driving along is often a dragging pad from a sticky caliper. Uncorrected this can manifest itself as further heat damage and even total brake failure.

You need to get this checked out ASAP.