Building oil in 7.3 diesel


just changed oil in my truck about 300 miles ago and now have more oil then i put in and it is thinner. the truck is a 01 ford 350


Is WATER getting into the oil???


no water in oil but i had just found out that building oil is a sign of injectors gone bad.
thank you for your reply


If it was water the oil would tend to look like a milkshake, it sounds like fuel getting into your oil, maybe a leaking fuel injector.


In addition to a bad injector, anything mechanical that would cause a cylinder to miss would cause diesel to accumulate in the oil. The compression should be checked on all cylinders. A white/blue color to the exhaust could well be a sign of a combustion problem which could be due to injector, injector pump, injector timing, rings, head gasket, head, valve, etc. problems.