Somthing wrong with my oil

i have a 2000 sunfire and something slimmy is where you pour your oil in the car at looks almost like mayo around the sides at the top any ideals what this could be? thank you

That stuff can be caused from driving the vehicle short distances at a time where the engine doesn’t have time to come up to full operating temperature. Or it’s caused from an internal coolant leak in the engine.


Depending on the amount, it can be condensation combined with a bit of oil accumulated over winter (not necessarily something to worry about), or it may be indicative of a possible head gasket or sludging issue.

What is the color of the oil? If it looks like a chocolate milkshake, then you may have coolant leaking into your oil.

What is your oil change regimen?

I would clean off the “mayo”, and if the oil color checks out OK (not looking like a milk shake), consider changing it and do some careful watching during the next oil change interval, to see what is going on, for sure.

Post back with last oil change info, oil color, and your oil change interval, and we might be able to help out more. Some info about driving habits (lots of short stop and go, or mostly highway, or 50/50 mixed) would help us out, too.

I had this problem with a 95 Dodge Dakota and a 98 Ford Windstar. The Dakota needed a new PCV valve and the occasional long drive (30 min+), the Windstar’s condensation was due primarily to short trips.

Ed B.

thanks everybody when i get the oil changed i,ll keep ya up to date