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Buick won't charge

My daughter’s 97 LeSabre doesn’t seem to hold a charge. They have a 6mo old Die Hard gold battery that initialy would stay charged three days but now if the car sits > 12 hrs it wont start. I have 24 hrs in Smyrna GA Wed to fix it . Should I start at Sears and replace the battery (under warranty, I suspect), or try to find a mechanic?

Sounds like something on the car is causing a parasitic drain on the battery. Could be an issue with the altenator or an electrical systems within the car.

Have the alternator tested. If it tests good you have 2 options…

1-disconnect the negative battery cable every time the car sits for an extended period or take a multi meter and start looking for the parasitic drain, which can be a tedious process.

Has anyone tested the charging system? This can be done free at most auto parts stores.

I recommend an independent mechanic over any sort of chain repair shop.

Another option is to pull fuses one at a time. Probably one of them will stop the problem from occurring, after which you can focus on whatever equipment is on that fuse.