01 buick lesabre battery befuddlement

AAA replaced the battery 3 yrs ago and ever since the battery runs down VERY QUICKLY. Several batteries later, and countless jumps later, the dealer nor AAA can find cause or stop the madness. AAA guy knows my mom by name! any one have a clue as to what is causing battery to drain???

Your current battery is not old enough that it should not keep a charge. I am familiar with AAA, and the portable recharge/diagnostic units they carry are not doing much more the reading amps and voltage output at the battery. You have a short somewhere and need a garage to diagnose the problem. Triple A is there to get you to a garage, not to fix a chronic problem.

here is more info - 5 yrs ago it started.
When AAA replaced the battery (under back set in this model) the problems began.
Several new batteries since.
If she does not run it every few days it dies.
Buick dealer has not been able to find the electrical problem. Thought it might be headlight switch sticking, though it has still happened. At one point AAA sent someone to try to solve too as they were tired of coming out every two or three months, and now limit my mom to four visits a year before charging $30 per visit. Since April, she has used her four visits and the battery died again today… stressful for a 78 yr old woman!!

AAA replaced the battery 3 yrs ago and ever since the battery runs down VERY QUICKLY.

I think that you might be making the wrong connection here. Perhaps the first battery was diagnosed as bad because it had run down due to some electronic module not powering down. Replacement of the battery did not cause your continuing problems. Instead, replacement of the battery did not solve the original problem, so you continue to have problems.

You need a good dealer or independent that can do an overnight drain test on the electrical system.

The first step is to start a current draw test. This can be a bit tedious but it should not be difficult to narrow it down to a certain circuit.

It’s a matter of connecting an ammeter, test light, etc. over a disconnected battery neg. cable and then starting the process of pulling fuses and fusible links. This will at least narrow it down to a certain area.

thanks…going to try an independent garage listed on this site. Two attempts by dealer, including drain testing, and one other have not found it… thanks for confirming it would be electrical and not a botch job on battery replacement.