Buick Rendezvous CX-FWD Problems

Hey there. I am the original owner of a delicious 2002 Buick Rendezvous. She’s nearly at 180K and I have been taking care of her since I got her in 2002. But I’m having some problems I’d like someone to help/comment on.

a) Whistling noise coming from the alternator. Lights will dim when other electrical is used. This noise DOES come through the speakers even when the stereo is OFF.

b) Gas gauge that dances from E to F and anywhere in between. This is a regular occurrence. Hard to tell how much gas I have left. One mechanic advised me that the sensor may be stuck or getting bad signals and invited me to change the sensor. Worth it?

c) Intermediate Starting problems. Sometimes - very difficult to pin down what happens before, but the car will not start. After it doesn’t start, I turn the key back to off, wait a few minutes and turn it back on. The thing is before I even get to the “start” portion of the ignition, the car will try starting itself. Funny eh? I thought so too.

Any thoughts??


Have the alternator checked out. This could be your one and only problem. If it’s failing, it could be injecting weird power impulses into the electrical system and it isn’t able to handle them.

I agree with chaissos.
When an alternator begins to fail, it produces power surges that produce all sorts of strange–and temporary–problems with virtually every piece of electronic equipment on a car.

I would suggest having your mechanic check the alternator a.s.a.p., because once an alternator begins its death throes, total failure–and being stranded–can be only days away.