2003 Buick LeSabre front end squeak

I just bought this geezermobile with only 21,000 miles. Did a LOF and the front end squeaks when going up and down any rise like driveway and speed bumps. I understand that this is a sealed suspension and can’t be lubed. Sounds like dry shocks. Is this possible?

There really is nothing “sealed” about it except that the ball joints and tie rod ends may not have grease zerks and would be permanently lubed. Replacements though will have the zerks. Other than that, the struts are the same as overgrown shocks and they can squeak. Or the upper strut mounts could also make noise. The stabilizer bolts can also break or the rubber mounts wear and cause noises. If you can duplicate it by bouncing the front end up and down, its probably the struts. If not, it would be best to have a shop take a look at the condition of the front end parts.

It does the same when I bounce it up and down. Does that mean I need struts? Seems like too few miles. Can I shoot some lube to them?

It is probably the upper strut mounts - that is a “probably” so I wouldn’t necessarily end my search there. But the only way to do anything with the mounts is to pull the struts. There is no way to just lube them. It also doesn’t mean that you need new struts or new mounts though.

Thanks. I guess I’ll just raise the volume on my radio!