Buick enclave air conditioning

AC on my enclave quits. The vent still blows air. When I turn my car off, the engine fan is still going. Once it stops, I can restart my car and the AC works again. Any ideas? Thanks.

Take the car to an AC specialist. It may be freeezing up because it is low on refrigerant. Or it could be something else so don’t try adding some.

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Take it to an A/C shop. There’s little that you can safely do here.


I’ve already had the AC replacement after it wouldn’t work AT ALL. Then I took it and they said the thermostat was registering extremely high and they did something else and it’s still cutting out randomly.

Ac is nice. Better then not having it

Next time it stops working, see if the outside temperature that shows up on your dashboard is correct. On GM cars, the A/C won’t work if the outside temperature is below a certain temperature. If the outside temperature is wildly inaccurate, you need a new ambient air temperature sensor.

Well, that was real helpful.
There evidently is an issue with Buick enclave AC’s. Multiple owners have expressed they have the same issue. I was wondering if anyone THAT HAS SEEN this issue has a solution.
Thanks for the ‘witty’ non answer though.

Thank you. I believe the shop said something about the sensor reading extremely high. They just haven’t been able to duplicate the issue when they have my vehicle. I am hoping that it will happen when I am close by to the shop so I can let them see what I am experiencing.

They will figure it out

Chances are slim someone here has seen this exact problem. Have you posted this on a Buick forum?

Did you take it to a highly-rated shop that specializes in a/c?

Well, I can see I am definitely on the wrong site. I will delete my account and move on.

There ARE people who have seen the issue. I am evidently on the wrong site. I will delete my account and move on. Thank you.

I live I Virginia and it usually does not get real cold like in the “snow belt”. Last winter we did not get any snow except for a light dusting that did not last…

However, when it is cold and damp and the glass starts to fog, I turn on the A/C with the heater to clear the fog on my vehicles ('85 Corolla, '01 Ram 2500, '19 Corolla, '20 Honda Fit–on my '84 Harley, I use goggles instead of the face mask… LoL…)

This would be possible in the those GM Cars?

I think GM vehicles use 39 degrees to completely lock out the AC, even on defog. Not sure about other makes.

On most vehicles that have air conditioning, the A/C engages automatically when the defrost mode is selected to dehumidify the air . Drier air helps clear condensation from the inside of the windshield and front side windows faster. I don’t understand why GM would lock out the A/C…

You could also have a Low or High pressure switch malfunctioning and cutting off the A/C… Since you have already been in contact with a A/C shop, when it cuts out again, drive straight there and don’t turn the vehicle off or touch any of the A/C controls so they can see what it is doing…
Your HVAC control unit could be bad also… Lot of different possibility’s…

What year is your Buick??

From the 2015 Buick Enclave owners manual.

(Defrost): Press to turn the defrost on or off. This mode quickly clears the windshield of fog or frost. Air is directed to the windshield, side window, and floor vents. In this mode, outside air is pulled inside the vehicle. The air conditioning system runs automatically in this setting, unless the outside temperature is less than 4°C (40°F).

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If the engine gets too hot, or the computer thinks the engine is getting too hot, the computer will shut off the AC to prevent the engine from overheating.

Then when the car is shut off, and the fan continues to run until it shuts off, the engine has been cooled off to a point where the AC functions again.

But to find out if this is what’s happening, a scanner needs to be connected to monitor live data from the computer.


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The engine temperature is too hot, the A/C compressor is disabled at 250 F and higher. You don’t need an air conditioning shop to repair an engine problem.

This is exactly what is happening.

Alternate theory: The engine cooling fan staying on when the engine is turned off could just be normal operation. Instead the problem could be one of the hvac doors is sticking in the wrong position. In that case you get no cold air b/c the cold air isn’t being routed to the vents is all. Turning the car off then back on again can unstick the door, at least temporarily.

Does your car have a coolant temperature dashboard display? If so, what does it read when this happens?