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Buick Century 2001

I own a 2001 Buick Century and I’ve been having some problems. I’ve had multiple mechanics look at it and I’ve paid 100s of dollars trying to get it fixed here r the problems I’m having:
-service vehicle soon light
-anti lock (yellow light)
-trac off (yellow light)
-brake (red light)
-errrrrr sound (almost like a phone vibrating really loudly): when speeding up but mostly when hitting brakes hard
-brake pedal: pulsing/vibrating

Your problems all come from your abs system. Most likely a bad wheel sensor but it could be anything in the system. You need to find a mechanic competent in ABS problems. Many are not.

+1 to Oldtimer’s comments.

the red brake lite has me concered, have you checked the brake fluid level? and is the parking brake on maybe? i agree with oldtimer 11 there is a problem with the abs in your Buick. the “trac off” k=lite is part of the abs system also. the red brake light comes on if there is aproblem with the brakes in the car, nothing to do w/abs. the yellow abs light when its on means there is a problem w/abs but the brakes will still work but no abs. thats why i’m concerened out the red brake light been on you could be low on fluid or left the parkjng brake on or a leak some where.