03 Buick Century 3.1L

Upon every startup all idiot lights are functional and everything is normal. If the engine is cold after 1 mile and several uses of the brake “Service Engine Soon”, “Anti Lock”, and “Track Off” lights come on. They will stay lit until the engine is turned off. If the engine is warmed 1/10th mile then the 3 lights turn on. I went to Autozone and had the car scanned while it was running so that the check engine light would be on. The car passed and no codes were detected. I checked for brake fluid leaks; none detected. Brake fluid is at max. Do you have any thoughts? Thank you!

Hustler, A Regular Scan Of The Car’s ECM Isn’t Going To Reveal ABS Brake Codes. I Doubt An Auto Parts Chain Has The Capability To Help You.

There are sensors at the wheel hubs, wiring connectors, harnesses, control module, etcetera, that are part of this system. You’ll probably need a pro with the ability to retrieve ABS brake codes.


The service engine soon light is not a check engine light, It is probably telling you your oil needs changing or someone didn’t reset the light after your last oil change.The anti lock and traction control lights mean there is a signal from a wheel speed sensor out of range.

Are you sure the light is Service Engine Soon? My '02 Century has had ABS problems, and the lights are always Anti Lock, Track Off, and Service VEHICLE Soon. Anyway, for me, it’s been chafed ABS wiring harnesses. GM put out a Tech Service Bulletin about that issue. I’ve had both the front harnesses replaced and periodically have to get connections repacked. My local mechanic fixes me up just fine.

Service Engine Soon and Check Engine Light are the same thing.


Double check that light. I’m pretty sure it actually says ‘service VEHICLE soon.’ These three lights will come on for an ABS problem. The most common problems to cause this problem will be broken wires, as mvdmvd mentioned, or hub bearings. Unfortunately, hub bearings are a common problem on this car. The ABS sensors are built into them, and the only way to replace them when they go bad is with an entire hub assembly.