Bug Reports


shadowfax - I’ve hit the magic NOT SPAM button on my admin control panel.


When adding a web link to a post, including the target="_blank" attribute in the html code to try to get the link to open in another window or tab doesn’t seem to work. Is that a quirk of the site?

On an unrelated note, is there a way to update/change one’s email address in one’s personal profile/preferences?


Refreshing the bookmark worked for my linux laptop, haven’t tried the mac yet. Had a good time on my vacation but glad to be back home.

I like the new layout. Youse guys are doing a great job.


Just so that everyone is aware of it, I want to mention that the new website’s Spam Detector is…perhaps…a bit too sensitive.
Yesterday, I did a “cut & paste” of about 5 lines of some valid information that I found on another site, and I also credited that site for the information.
My post was blocked (or deleted) for several hours, so that moderators could examine it, and–finally–it was restored.

Additionally, I was not able to post anything else for that period of several hours, as I was apparently suspected of being a serial spammer.

I can understand blocking posts from new members who post something that might constitute spam, but isn’t this new tendency to block spam a bit too ambitious if it is blocking a person who has been posting for over 5 years, and who had compiled something over 19,000 posts on the old site?


I saw that–and I’ll see if we can adjust a setting so it doesn’t go DefCon1 over a link. I do know that once you hit a certain number of posts in the new system it won’t send it to a spam moderation queue–but that’s a pain in the butt for you old-timers who are a known quantity. Thanks for the report!


@lackeyjr- Please tell me you have found a way to put old threads into a deep coma.


@Volvo_V70, there does not appear to be a way in the system to blanket archive threads that are, say, older than a certain date. However, it’s been interesting to observe what has happened when an old thread has been revived (i.e., not much - conversation proceeds).

@VDCdriver, yes, we have had a few episodes of false-positive spam flagging. Please bear with us. Victoria is correct; soon the posts will not be sent through the spam filter for established users. We are going to review the settings once more to see how we can bring people in, but we have to work within the architecture of the system to do that.

Update #2: @VDCdriver, I just checked, and 3 hours ago your status changed in the system. Your posts aren’t filtered by Akismet anymore. It’s based on the amount of time you’ve spent here (in the Discourse-based Community) and posts you’ve made.


As always, thank you, Carolyn!

As you might have guessed, yesterday I did not think that “Akismet” was a very good name for that spam filter.


Yes, and though it’s been very strict and occasionally a bit misguided about what needs to be flagged, I also take comfort that it has blocked some legitimate spam, so I can go back to napping all day. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m thinking some of the ancient post revivals result from the old “suggested topics” that appear at the bottom of each discussion. Are these really needed?


I think I’ve figured that one out. All of the suggested topics for me are ones I either created or participated in on the old forum, and which have replies that I have not read since the new forum went live. So it thinks I’ve missed the replies, and is trying to get me to go look at them.

Wouldn’t surprise me if all these old topics are getting rehashed because people who were interested enough to post the first time around are interested again after having forgotten the post even happened.


I think I found a new bug. I checked my preferences and noticed that my e-mail was my old account. I know I updated it before the change as I got an e-mail from Doug at my new account.

I went to update it again, but there doesn’t seem to be a way of updating it, the box is missing. Mozilla firefox on a linux OS.


I just replied to a thread that was 2 years old.

I didn’t realize it Ed only 2 years old because it was listed as the 5th entry in the most recent list. The sorting of the most recent gets totally messed up sometimes. Very annoying.


Is it just my computer, or was this site inoperative for a couple of hours this afternoon?


This was mentioned earlier but I have not seen it addressed.

I am having the same problem. I log in on community.cartalk.com wander around maybe post a thing or two. Then I log out. Yet I remain logged in on cartalk.com. Are the 2 now separate sites? Very annoying, to have to log out 2x just to get out. Any possibility this can be fixed?


Hello, PSA here. If you check your profile here in the community and notice that your info is out of date - make sure you log onto cartalk.com and update your profile there. It will populate across to your community profile.


As a positive, the twenty character minimum eliminates those adolescent smiley face posts.


@PvtPublic and @VOLVO_V70, I didn’t see this when posted. Sorry. The community is another section of the site. I don’t know what’s up with the log out anomaly. We’re compiling a list of quirks and bugs and we’ll get back to you.


Thank you, very much.


@cdaquila Is there a time of membership where I won’t have to count on both hands to make sure I can post?