Bucking Subaru in Wyoming

I drive a 1998 Subaru Legacy Outback. If I drive for an extended period of time (generally more than 45 minutes to 2+ hours) my car starts to ?buck? when I hit the gas. It doesn?t make any noise, it just lurches forward if I take my foot off the gas and put it back on. If I stop my car, even for a minute, when I restart the car the bucking is gone. While I do live in Wyoming, I do not want to drive a bucking Subaru. I?m not sure what this is and no one has really heard of this happening. I noticed this four years ago when I moved out to Wyoming and it still does it when driving over long distances. Any ideas?

There’s not enough info provided about mileage, maintenance habits, etc. to even start to get specific about this problem.

Your first step should be getting an auto parts store such as Checkers, AutoZone, Advance, etc. to scan the car for codes. They will do this for you free and it only takes a few minutes.

My '03 Outback had a similar bucking issue, especially when trying to accelerate at RPMs lower than 2000. It was worse in wet weather. Turns out my spark plug wires were “arcing” back to the engine block instead of sending current to the spark plugs. With plugs and wires replaced, everything’s back to normal.