Subaru Legacy Outback trouble with turning over vehicle

Hi, I own a 99 Subaru Legacy Outback. I purchased this car with a new motor and only 9000 miles. Just recently I have had a hard time turning on the vehicle. It makes all the correct noises a car would make when turning on, but sometimes it will not turn over. I notice this problem the most when the vehicle has been running for longer periods as compared to quick trips. I’m also starting to smell exhaust in the car when this problem starts happening. I recently checked my oil and it smelled of exhaust as well? I took it to a mechanic and of course when the mechanic looked at it the car started everytime so he was unable to pin point the issue. Any ideas what this could be? If so what is a cost that could be estimated for a repair? Any information would be great. Thank you, Rebecca Quesada

I would suspect a failing starter. Sometimes starters will stick when they get hot. Driving longer distances, gets the engine temperature higher, and the starter has a longer period to absorb that heat. A good technician should be able to test the amplitude of the starter motor.

Would the smell of exhaust also come from this problem as well? Thanks

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“oops one more thing! Subaru Outback Legacy / turn over
I just submitted a questions about my 99
Subaru Outback Legacy having troubles
turning over! I forgot to mention that while the car is running and I have it in neutral the RPM’s will rev up with out me pushing the gas? When this happens the temperature rises a bit, any ideas why this would happen?”

Sorry, I forgot to comment on that… The smell I can’t say. I would suspect you have a problem with something else. Your car has front right (passenger side) inner cv boot failure alot. The front inner boots are REALLY close to the exhaust, particularly the right one. When these melt and split open, grease gets slung on the really hot exhaust and can cause a stinky smell. If you don’t use your recirculation button on your a/c, this odor will come in the cabin when going at slow speeds or sitting still. Also oil from the engine from a possible leak commonly blows back under the car, and onto the exhaust with the same results. I would have your mechainc check your axles boots, and the engine for leaks as a first point of interest.

Very helpful!!! Thank you so much

A common problem with the starters of that age is the solenoid contacts get worn and so the starter doesn’t work intermittently. The contacts can be replaced if that is the trouble.

I’m not sure if you really mean you are smelling fuel instead of exhaust smells. Hopefully fuel isn’t leaking into the oil. If so then the problem needs to be found along with changing the oil.