Bucket List Go Fast

Had something on my bucket list for a while and finally made it happen a few days ago.
I’ve gone a 120 MPH on a motorcycle…
I’ve gone a shade over 120 MPH in a muscle car…
The latest 120 MPH excursion was vertical with no wheels involved other than the 3 on the aircraft… A tandem jump with the instructor and can be quite addictive…


Something wrong with the plane there was?


Agree that is the only reason I would jump out if something was wrong with the plane.

Heh heh. Aiming for that postage stamp looking bouncy house on the ground. Still I think bush was 89 when he made his last jump so best to just get it over with.

When I’m up in the heavens I start to think there is only a thin film of aluminum, or however you want to say it, between me and 20,000 feet, and it’s about 50 below zero so instant freeze.

A tandem jump with the instructor and can be quite addictive…

I have been called crazy but that is one thing I would never attempt to do. :laughing:

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I would have gone tandem hang gliding in Switzerland over Lake Toon 11 years ago when I was still in my 70s but alas, I was over the weight limit. I don’t know what the limit was because the instructor was an Aussie and told me I was too many stones.

What a great post to read! Nice going.

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Cool! Not sure that’s on my bucket list…but glad you got to do it!

While I’m not about to do it, I am very glad for ok4450 that he achieved it, and that he did it without injury.


Good for you! Hope you get to repeat the experience.

Admittedly, that particular activity is decidedly NOT on my wish list but I can understand how it is fun for other people.

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Congrats! Everyone should try jumping from a perfectly good airplane at some point in their life. I did a static line jump some 30 years ago. Had to swing legs out of the door and step on a tiny little plate above the wheel. Then grab the wing strut and exit the plane to fly along holding the strut until the instructor gave the word to let go. My brain overruled that command for a brief instant but there was no turning back…

Might I suggest you try a tandem hang gliding ride next? Another experience you will cherish once it is over :slight_smile:

That’s exactly how I did it twice years ago. Standing outside the plane on a small bar while holding onto the wing strut. Once the instructor in the plane gave the thumbs-up, I let go.
I loved it.

No helmet? How did you keep that hat on?

Personally I like to keep my feet on good ol Terra Firma the more Firma the less Terror. :laughing: :roll_eyes:


Good photo there. Glad you got another bucket list item accomplished. That particular one isn’t on my bucket list, but it does look like an experience that would get a person’s full attention!

I have a fear of heights. I would not mind a parachute ride as much as walking on the Grand Canyon skywalk, or jumping up and down on the Williss (formerly Sears Tower) 100 story up glass overlook. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2371840029589035

Yeah I’m kinda with you. We did Norway in a nutshell one year to Bergen. One of the little trains went along a shear cliff, and then stopped for everyone to see the air beneath the train. No thanks. I trust engineers to a point. They aren’t all good.

So there we were in Norway after a mailboat tour of the Fjords. Switch back hill, bud and I are sitting in the back of the bus. It started snowing. So bus is doing well going up the hill, or mountain, and it had to stop due to a downhill car blocking the lane. There is a 6" curb, the bus slides backwards, until the wheels hit the curb. There I was on the back of the bus looking at nothing but air and land maybe 500 feet below us.


Yep. I hear ya.

The skydiving company offered goggles, helmets, and flight suits but I preferred au naturel. I’m wearing a tight fitting skull cap and goggles. They said dress casual…

I actually did this for an adrenaline rush, but didn’t really notice anything. I think my heart rate was the same throughout the pre-flight, ride up, and ride down but I’m generally unflappable even in times of panic. Gonna do it again though.

As for questions of why this idiot (me) would do 120 on a public roadway…
The cycle was on a 15 miles long, arrow straight old highway that ran parallel to the main one a half mile away. No traffic except a farmer now and then used it so the only danger was to me.
The car (Roadrunner) was on a divided 4 lane at night with 8 miles of unobstructed, zero traffic asphalt so I buried the speedo just to see if it would do it. Speedo read 120; needle a 1/2" past that.