Is there any advantage to using a broker vs a dealer? Cheaper? Quicker? Less hassle? Will using a broker place you at a disadvantage when going to the dealer for service?

If you are looking at something like the Costco program and you are not good at negotiating, then you will save money and it will not put you at any advantage or disadvantage with the service department, they are equal opportunity rip off artists.

If you are paying a broker, it might be a waste of money. If you are using an independent broker who is paid by the dealer in the form of a commission like real estate is often done, then you are really paying two commissions.


I know several people who used brokers (Auto club, credit union, etc.) and they were extremely happy about it.

They got a very fair price, not rock bottom, but they probably would have paid more if they had to haggle.

The dealer did NOT try to add on anything (mud flaps, underbody coating, extended warranty, etc.)

The car was waiting for them when they showed up at the dealer to pay and take delivery.

If you want the absolute rock bottom price, you need to make calls, be willing to drive around, put up with the salesman, haggling, BS, etc.

You might have to go to a more rural location to get that lowest possible price.

You might also have to go to a mega-dealer to get that lowest possible price, because they generally want to sell a huge volume of vehicles quickly, rather than try to squeeze every last cent out of every buyer.

It’s all about what you want and what you’re willing to go through to get it.

I’m not great at haggling. I have a price in my head. If the dealer wastes my time, I walk.

The broker acts as a middle man between you and the dealer, some seek a broker to find a particular vehicle. I know a few senior citizens who use a local broker because they get a fair deal without all the hassles. Whether you bought the car directly from the dealer or used a broker should not affect how the vehicle gets serviced. The service dept is where the dealer tries to get more profit out of you (depends on the dealer though)some are better than others.

Like db4690 says, I’ve heard a lot of good reports from people who have used a broker. It’s definitely worth considering. But some caution is advisable probably. Don’t just look one up in the phone book. Get a referral from someone you know that has used the broker before and been happy about the experience. Me, I sort of enjoy the dickering back and forth with the new car dealers & their sales-staff. One can get a lot of free coffee and even some donuts if you play your cards right … lol … But it’s not for everybody, especially if you are short on time. Best of luck.