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Broken spark plugs in the motor!1

How can I remove broken spark plugs that have a stripped head? I used a socket called THE GATOR GRIP and had on luck with it.

Exactly what is broken on the plug? Exactly where is it broken?

And what kind of motor?

If someone managed to round off the spark plug, the solution can be as simple as using a slightly smaller sized, 6 point socket. If metric, try next smaller SAE or visa-versa. Just pick a slightly smaller size and tap it onto the plug. Once out, you may have to transfer the socket to a vise in order to punch the plug back out.

vise grips

mopar man


Not on the #7 plug of a 440 though eh ?

That sounds like experience talking.

It would be interesting to know what kind of engine is being discussed and how it came to have multiple broken spark plugs.
How does one strip off the hex of a spark plug? Or is the hex broken off from the shank?

Vise Grips can be a handy tool but they won’t remove a stinkin’ one of the plugs in my Ford 4.6 DOHC. :slight_smile:

There are sockets on the market that don’t use the corners of the bolt head to apply the contact point. Instead they work on the flat part. I can’t remember who makes them but I think Craftsman has some of those type also. I would think a spark plug socket using that design would work for you.

You may be thinking of the SPLINE SOCKETS. They will fit various bolt designs.

Thanks for the thought Hellokit. I looked at those but it wasn’t what I had in mind, though those may do the job. The name I was trying to remember came back to me this morning; I needed to sleep on it I guess. The name is Metrinch. I seem to remember that Craftsman had this design available also. Here is a link for a set of tools and it shows a good picture of one of the sockets.

Metrich sockets and wrenches are sized to fit a metric size and it’s nearest inch size. This compromise works; but, the socket (or, wrench) is just a wee bit loose on one or the other (inch or metric nut/bolt). The spark plug size is 5/8 inch. The Metrich socket is 16 millimeter (mm). This size is 0.1 mm larger than 5/8 inch. If it were the other way, it could help fit a rounded spark plug.

I have these, and they have yet not failed to remove fasteners with rounded off heads.