Broken oil indicator


I drive a 96 Infiniti G20. Recently I noticed that as I turn sharp corners my oil indicator light would light up. I thought it was just the oil sloshing around because it would turn off when I came out of the turn.

But I decided to check the oil level and it barely touched the dipstick. Is my level indicator light circuit broken and somehow making contact on turns only? And have I been running it on low? How do I know if I have done any serious damage? The engine sounds normal.

I will take it to the shop soon but I want to brace myself for the worst.


Normally the oil light is not directly related to oil level execpt when its excessively low. The oil light is indicating low oil pressure which can be due to internal engine problems, very low oil level, bad oil pressure sensor or electrical issue.

The best bet is to take it to a shop and have a mechanical oil pressure guage verify oil pressure and go from there.


The light to which you are referring is the oil PRESSURE warning light. It does not indicate oil level, it indicates a lack of oil pressure, which will damage an engine.

The light was probably coming on because the oil, of which there was not enough, was moving away from the oil pump pick-up tube on turns, leading to oil starvation. Not good.

If you have corrected the oil level and the light stays off, there probably has not been any damage. PLEASE do not rely on the light to tell you the oil level. The dipstick is to check the level. Get in the habit of checking it periodically and add oil as necessary.