Broken miles counter

is it illegal to drive a car with a broken mile counter. I have a 1997 Volvo 850 and wonder about that and what the cost it for repair

Call, and see if they can swap out your broken one for a remanufactured one. They can even transfer your mileage to the replacement unit.

In my state, we have to either certify that the mileage on the odometer is correct, or note that it isn’t correct and the reason for the inaccuracy when the vehicle is sold. Check with the bureau of motor vehicles in your state. On a 13 year old car, I’m not certain I would worry about repairing the odometer.

Not sure if illegal. But in NH where I live it will not pass yearly state inspection.

So state specific.

West of the Mississippi…It’s like living in a different country…Where broken odometers can be completely ignored and “safety inspections” are pretty much unknown.

what state are you in ?

you’ll be surprised about Volvo , if you take good care of it, it can go forever and I was planning to drive the car until it really dies so yes I am considering repairing it !

Agree, loranse, but you will get to a stage, at about 200,000 miles where your repair expense will greatly exceed what the car is worth. When you start getting to that point we can apply sophisticated calculations what the best point is for saying goodby to the car.

Volvos in Sweden last 17 years, but the average Swede only drives 8000 miles a year and they do not use salt on the roads in Sweden.

In the meantime, take good care of your Swede.