Broken and replaced timing belt and now my 99 ranger 4cyl won't start

I replaced the timing belt. TDC with all the marks in the right spot. It cranks over and fires right away but then just keeps cranking. My buddy said to check spark and he held the plug near the frame and he didn’t get anything. Befor I checked spark I tried using the voltmeter on the resistance setting like the haynes manual says. If I am doing it right the voltages say the coils are bad but I got new ones and put the meter on those and it measures the same so I must be doing somehthing wrong. I have read that in some cases the timing sensor can go bad. I’m not shure if these symtoms add up or if I’m doing things right. Any advice would be of help. Thanks, Brih

If you are measuring resistance (ohms), you are likely checking the wires going to the component. If you are measuring voltage (dc), you are likely checking the wires coming to the component from the engine computer, or battery power.
There is a camshaft interrupter-magnet which you may have, unknowingly, loosened. Here is a picture of it from Auto Zone Web site,camshaft%20position%20sensor%20magnet/shopping/allResults.htm

Where is the timing sensor? Is it actuated from the crankshaft or the jackshaft?

The timing sensor is hooked up to the crankshaft. It is measuring some ohms. 3 somthing or other. I’m stumped. I’m having someone look at it tomorrow.