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Bringing this corvair back to life

It’s not just the engine problem you will be facing. Even if you build the motor and get it running then you will be faced with the issues of leaking transmission seals, failing brake hydraulics, wheel bearing seals, dried out suspension bushings and dust boots, etc.

Sitting for long spells like this usually takes a toll on gas tanks, fuel lines, etc. so that is also something to consider.

They’re neat cars (2 of my cousins owned them back in the 60s and a high school buddy of mine had a Turbo model) but this one sounds like a complete restoration project. Your enthusiasm for it is fine but the checkbook has to match that level of go-get-em too.

trans seals, brakes, bearing seals and suspension. got it. and ya if i have ill get two jobs to get the car running

The engine has a big cooling fan mounted horizontally, between the carbs, The fan belt made a right-angle turn over two idlers in order to drive the fan. The engine is encased in sheet-metal shrouds to direct the cooling air-flow and heater air-flow. Under the car, facing rear, were two thermostats linked to damper doors which regulated engine temperature. You need to find an operational and complete Corvair so you can see where all this stuff goes…

Picture removing the Powerglide transaxle and installing a transaxle from an old Toronado, facing forwards. Where your back seat is now, a full-tilt Chevy 350 is installed, sealed off with a custom-made firewall. A mid-engined Corvair with Z-28 power…This is a MAJOR project, better just stick with putting this one back together…

ya that would be a big project but i definatly want to get the original engine runnign im only going to go as far as getting a new rebuilt engine. no other one is going in this car no mattter how much i dream of it lol. but ya i cant wait for this im just trying to get this checklist so that i know what all to do.

Forget the negatives. Just Dive in .You will learn as you go and meet a whole bunch of new friends. There clubs every where and the internet ,of course. Old cars are so much simpler than today’s…Some work you’ll have to farm when you have money. Clean parts when there are no bucks . Don’t get discouraged.It will take several years if you’re still working.It is SO worth it. Don’t throw anything out til you’re done . You will run into deals on stuff as you go along.I did it to a different vehicle and still love driving it 18 years later. I’ll never sell.

thats how i feel if i can get this car on the road and fully operational ill never sell it no matter what bargain comes along.

There are lots of Corvair-specific sites (Google ‘Corvair forums’). This is one of them:

This sounds like a ‘must have’ book to help you:

thank you veyr much texases. u wouldnt by chance live in the dfw area would you

Yep. But I haven’t worked on Corvairs, just read about them.

sweet so do i. do you know any good shops around you?

Not that I know of, but I haven’t searched. See if you can google up a local car club, doen’t have to be Corvair-only, just one dealing in '60s cars. Go to a meeting or show, folks will know about mechanics that can deal with carbs, points, and other ‘ancient’ equipment!

thanks i shall start the search for a good club immediately

and he also has his own website