Bringing different tires to dealer to mount in place of stock tires

I’m picking up a Prius next week and am not impressed with the stock tires. I’d like to buy different tires at Sam’s Club, and bring them to the dealer to put on at delivery. In such a situation, is it likely that the dealer will mount these at no charge and give me credit for the stock tires?

I’d say that’s highly unlikely, but you could ask. The dealer will probably try his best to talk you out of the switch.

The stock tires on a Prius are designed specifically to aid in achieving high fuel mileage. Any tire you get at Sam’s Club will probably reduce the gas mileage on your new Prius. Are you willing to live with the trade-off?

-IF- the dealer stocks tires, maybe. And even then you will not get retail price, it will be below their cost as they can’t be sold as ‘new’ to the next customer. ( albeit super low mileage ‘new take offs’ as we call them )
But most likely NOT. Unless you were buying the upgrade from them. ( and I wouldn’t expect Sams Club to buy them from you either.)
Doesn’t hurt to ask but be ready for a complete ‘no’.

Each dealer’s policy is different. And it might matter whom within the dealer you ask. Here at my Ford dealer we do a lot of tire & wheel swapping and upgrading. For a good regular/repeat customer I would give credit for ‘new take offs’ even if they brought outside sourced tires, but charge for mount and balance. ( The service mgr might even have said no but, as the parts department asst mgr, I could still make it happen. )

Wouldn’t it be easier to let Sam’s Club mount the tires???

Wouldn’t it be even easier (and cheaper) to wear out the stock tires? I’m curious - what tires do you want instead, and why?

Why not ask the dealer to acquire your desired tires and see what price transpires? New car dealers are not always $$$$ for buying tires, it all depends.

Michelin Radial X, which I put on my '07 Prius after the original Goodyear Integrity’s wore out at 22,000 miles. They are also low rolling resistance, but a much better tire. The new car is a '10 Prius.

I agree, have you been through the “meeting” with the aftermarket equipment member of the sales team? see if you can work this switch in some form through him,perhaps you a dealing with a reasonable Dealer.