Bringing a 2006 Honda S2000 Back to Life

The car has been sitting in my garage since June 2009 with only 3300 miles on the odometer. The gas tank is 1/2 full. The oil was not changed before sitting. The battery was never disconnected. I’m guessing I need to get the tank emptied (how?), the battery replaced, and the oil changed. What else do I need to do to bring the car back to driving life?

An Oil change, Sea Foam for gas, new battery and starter fluid, go from there would be what I would do if it was my car.

Yea. Pretty much what I think with some minor modification.

Unless its all bloated or otherwise obviously buggered I’d probably just start by putting the existing battery on a charger. It may be just fine, but will obviously be low on charge.

After dumping in a can of Seafoam, I’d just dump a good 5 gallons or so of fresh gas in there as well.

Make sure you pull the air filter & intake to check for rodent nests.