Bring back Sara for STC!

Sara needs to be brought back for a future show on Stump the Chumps. We need to know if the clogged evap coil drain was right and if not if it turned out to be her family’s fault.

I wonder if her van was not driven while she was away and kept closed up until hubby drove to pick her up at the airport. I have found that a vehicle left closed up after being driven with the A/C ‘on’ can acquire quite a smell.

My usual practice is shut the A/C ‘off’ using the A/C compressor button at least 10 minutes before I put the car in the garage, i.e. leaving the fan ‘on’ until I shut off the car. I leave a window or two cracked to allow ventilation. That seems to eliminate the ‘friggie foul’ odor.

We’ll have to see what Sara responds to STC.

I had a similar experience at a cheap hotel once - when we turned on the a/c, the room smelled like urine! Management called a repairman who fixed it, saying it had been leaking coolant (or something, but leaking chemicals) which contained amonia, which is what smells like urine. so… dad and the kids are innocent. Well, innocent of that particular offence. But cup of sour milk under the sofa is another story!

  • a sympathetic mom