Musty foul odor from car defogger

Does anyone out there have a solution or suggestion for how to eliminate the musty odor that comes out of the car defogger when i first turn it on (and even for some time after it’s been blowing)? My car is pretty new and i wouldn’t think that should be happening.

I think you should check to make sure the drain hose on your air conditioner isn’t clogged or kinked. Sometimes this happens because moisture has no place to go.

Yes, check the drain. Sometimes they are not hoses anymore. Make sure you leave the aircon system in an open mode when you park, that is usually anything except OFF or MAX/RECIRCULATE. Check your owner manual for that info. Make sure the air intake is clear of leaves and debris. See if you can easily remove the blower motor or speed control resistor assembly to clear the inside of the system of leaves and debris. (Don’t park under trees if possible. If it is not possible, regularly clear the intake screen of leaves.) Post back if these simple solutions do not help.

Will do. Thanks.

A lot of good advice. I’ll check things and keep it in mind to stay out from under trees.

Good advice here.

I’ve taken to turning the defroster (or AC unit in summer) off 5 minutes before I get home to allow the evaporator to dry off before “bedding down” the car for the night. The theory is that a damp surface is a better breeding ground for spores, and leaving the system dry is less likely to result in the AC musty smell. I don’t really know if it makes a difference, but it seems rational so I do it.

does makes sense. i’m going to try that for sure.