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I have recently got a used car and i am looking into putting on slotted rotors & ceramic brake pads. Does this combo. work ? Should one be used without the other? Can they be used together?

It works, but. . No offense, let’s be honest. It’s a Hyundai. Slotted rotors are pretty pointless unless you’re putting it on a car that you will be using on a race track. In fact, they’ll tend to wear your pads down quicker.

As for the pads, if you want better stopping power, my favorite is carbon-kevlar, like the Porterfield R4-S has.

The combo will work, but with added cost and added pad wear and with no benefit to you.

Take Shadowfax’s advice. If you’re looking for a bit better stopping power use OEM replacement rotors and upgraded pads.

If you’re looking for a LOT better stopping power, you should be looking at multi-piston clampers (calipers) like Brembo offers, along with bigger discs (which means bigger wheels with lower profile tires to clear the new brake setup). How much spare change you got?