i would like to do my own breaks on my ford escort tdi estate deisel . i dont want to buy a haynes manual as im selling soon , where online can i find instructions to do so , many thanks jim

Try a google search. Only this time spell BRAKE correctly.

Autozone has online manuals for the 81-90 and 91-99 American Ford Escorts.

Ed B.

Unfortunately, the American Escort shares almost no parts with the UK version of the Escort. And, once you introduce the diesel (or even deisel) engine into the mix, there will be very little commonality.

First, you need training as well as mechanical aptitude. If you have always been good at fixing things, you could take an auto repair course and then get some experience as a mechanic. For now, have your brakes changed by an experienced shop. You could save your own life. I’ve seen the way a non-mechanic changes brakes. Wear indicators hanging into open space. Extra shoes left off. Hey, it wouldn’t fit!