Break System & Air Conditioning

I’m the proud owner of a Chevy Lumina Sedan 1997. I?m from Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico

My Question is why every time I turn off my air conditioner like 4 or 5 minutes later my breaks starts to fail??? Everybody tells me that I?m crazy that one thing has nothing to do with the other, but even when I am in a red light with pressing the break and I turn off my air conditioner I feel like my foot go further. And when I?m trying to break I have to put more effort than usual to break and it takes more distance to do it. Then I stop and it feels like I trying to taming a horse it?s like he wants to go and I?m forcing him to stay. With the air conditioner off de pedal returns faster than normal it?s almost like it has a spring right below my foot instead of returning slowly like always does, when I turn on the air conditioner its heaven again?

I live in a pretty hot place in Mexico so I don?t mind to have the air conditioner on all the time; my concern is if someday the air conditioner fails?then what???

Please Help Me!!!

4 or 6 cylinder ??

The BRAKES work by vacuum generated by the operating engine. The A/C takes considerable power to operate and can “stagger” a small 4 cylinder engine. The computer tries to speed up the engine to compensate, which effects the vacuum to the brakes. You feel that change. The brake booster has a check valve to maintain constant vacuum. Make sure it’s working. Make sure your engines idle speed is constant, regardless whether the A/C is on or off…

it’s 6 cylinder
thanks for the answer…

I think it’s a problem with the brake booster or check valve.
I would get the booster rebuilt or replaced.