1999 Dodge Ram 1500 - Brake shuts off AC and there is smoke!

Every time I hit my brakes I get heat instead of AC and I get smoke and fumes

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My crystal ball says… you need to explain your problem in more detail.


This thing needs to be in a shop before the smoke becomes a raging fire in the worst place possible.


So you step on the brake pedal, then for no apparent reason the A/C stops working and the heater turns on instead? That is definitely a puzzle. Suggest to post back where you observe the smoke and fumes to be apparently coming from. You might also inspect the brake pedal area. Do you see anything unusual? wires hanging loose, pedal not properly supported, etc? I don’t recall ever seeing this symptom reported here before, but you could check using the forum search feature, link upper right.

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When there is a vacuum supply problem to the HVAC control panel, the air distribution will shift from panel to defrost while accelerating, this is sometimes confused with floor distribution. Does the problem really occur when applying the brake?


William, this one is so intriguing I would love to know the diagnosis and final outcome. It might make a great Car Talk feature story. Please follow up!